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English Grammar Tests

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Past Simple in 'Bang Bang' Lyrics

This popular song has many verbs in past tense, of which most irregular. Do you know them all?

Plurals of Nouns in English: f/fe Endings, Vowel Change, Fish

The English nouns follow certain rules when forming the plural forms. This test will list some of the rules dealing with nouns ending in -f/fe, the ones that change a vowel in plural, and nouns denoting fish. Difficulty: intermediate.

Português: Presente do Indicatovo

Some verbs change the vowel "e" in the 1st person singular, but into what?

Present Continuous as a Future Form

This test us about using present continuous for expressing future.

Types of Adverbs in the English Language

This test will help you learn more about the classification of adverbs. Difficulty: moderate.