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English Grammar Tests

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English Nouns and Gender (Animals)

There are some nouns in the English language have different masculine and feminine forms, many of them denoting animals. Difficulty: moderate.

Position of Adjectives in the English Language

Some adjectives are placed before their nouns and some after. This test will help you learn more. Difficulty: intermediate.

English Adjectives: Irregular Comparison

Some adjectives have irregular forms in comparative and superlative. Here are the most common ones ("bad", "far", "good", "little", "many", "old").

English Articles from 'Golden Bird' (3/5)

The test to fill in the missing articles. The text is taken from a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. Difficulty: easy.

Plurals of Nouns in English: f/fe Endings, Vowel Change, Fish

The English nouns follow certain rules when forming the plural forms. This test will list some of the rules dealing with nouns ending in -f/fe, the ones that change a vowel in plural, and nouns denoting fish. Difficulty: intermediate.