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Solving Language Tests
Browsing Tests
Listed, Unlisted, Featured Tests
Making and Editing Language Tests
   Adding Questions
   The Fill-in-The-Blanks Questions
   The Multiple Select Questions
   Multiple Choice: Several Correct Answers
   Multiple Choice: One Answer Only

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask here.

How to Use Jotpub

Jotpub makes possible to:
  • Solve language tests.
  • Create language tests.
  • Share language tests.

Solving Language Tests

After you select the test you wish to solve, enter the required answers and click on Check my answers. You can use the tab and space bar keys to navigate from question to question.

You will be given three sets of stats: the correct, missing, and incorrect answers, all marked in different colors. Click on the numbers in Score section to jump to a question.

Click on Solve test link (at the bottom of the test page). This won't count as a solved test in your Testbook. The link will be show after the first attempt of solving.

Your Testbook lists all of your solved, attempted and created tests.

Browsing Tests

There are several ways to browse the tests.

Listed, Unlisted, Featured Tests

Featured tests are the tests editors chose as being high-quality and useful to the visitors of Jotoub.

When first created, the test is unlisted. This means that it will not be publicly accessible - you need to have link to see/solve it. Link can be seen from the Testbook page, under Unlisted Tests.

Listed tests are accessible to all users and they are found in categories/tags listings.

A test becomes listed once editors check it and categorize it.

Not every test becomes listed and featured, so congratulations if yours did!

Making and Editing Language Tests

Basic Info

The first thing you should do is to supply basic information about your test. Make the description clear and the instructions precise. Those will be displayed in various listing throughout the website.

Fill in the tags. Insert at least two tags, separated by commas. For example: determiners, countries, names.

The categories are assigned by editors, so you need not to worry about the classification.

Adding Questions

The types of questions are: Fill-in-the-blanks, True/False, Multiple with single correct and Multiple with several correct answers.

The Fill-in-The-Blanks Questions

To add blanks in the sentences, just isolate the words in square brackets ([]) - the isolated parts will become the lozenges.

The answers are case-insensitive: if you put [working] as an answer, "Working", "WORKING", "workING" and similar are accepted as the correct answers. You can add as many blanks as you wish. For example, this is a valid Jotpub question:

My father had [a] small estate in Nottinghamshire: I was [the] third of five
sons. He sent me to Emanuel College in Cambridge at [] fourteen years old,
where I resided three years, and applied myself close to my studies; but
[the] charge of maintaining me, although I had [a] very scanty allowance,
being too great for [a] narrow fortune, I was bound apprentice to Mr. James
Bates, [an] eminent surgeon in London, with whom I continued four years.
My father now and then sending me small sums of money, I laid them out in
learning navigation, and other parts of the mathematics, useful to those
who intend to travel, as I always believed it would be, some time or
other, my fortune to do. When I left Mr. Bates, I went down to my
father: where, by [the] assistance of him and my uncle John, and some other
relations, I got forty pounds, and [a] promise of thirty pounds [a] year to
maintain me at Leyden: there I studied physic two years and seven months,
knowing it would be useful in [] long voyages.

The info about this test is here.

The Multiple Select Questions

The type of questions in Multiple select is determined by the number of answers you provide. The newly created question is of True/False type, set to False. Check the check-box to set the answer to True.

If you add more answers and select only one as the correct - the questioner will be able to select just one answer. Conversely, multiple selected correct answers will show all check-boxes for selection.


Click on Add test questions: select, type in the question and choose the answer in the check-box and field below. If you leave the check-box unselected, the correct answer will be (False). If you confirm the check-box, the answer changes to (True).

True/False question in the Test Maker

In this type of question you cannot fill the only text field, which automatically changes to (True) or (False).

Multiple Choice: Several Correct Answers

In this type of question add as many answers as needed, and select more than one check-box. This will render the question with several answers, selectable by choosing the check-boxes.

Here is an example of this question type in the Test Maker.

Multiple select question with more than one answer in the Test Maker

This is how the test will be shown:

Multiple Choice: One Answer Only

Unlike the question with multiple answers, this type has one answer only. After filling in the text, add answers and select only one answer.

Multiple select question with one answer in the Test Maker

The question will be rendered with radio buttons, where only one selection is possible.


The Details in Test Info

Each test must have the background information. Here is the overview.

  1. Title. The title is the name of the test. Make it descriptive, but not too long (because it shows in the headings, listings etc.).
  2. Description. This section answers the following and similar questions: What is this test about? What is its purpose? Is it basic, intermediate or advanced? Are there and prerequisites?
  3. Instructions. Make this section very precise. Give the test solvers clear instructions.
  4. Credits and Resources. Jotpub will credit you as the test creator. However, if you are using public domain texts (ie. from The Project Gutenberg) provide detailed information about your source. Please do not use copyrighted materials: the resulting test will be removed and your account blocked. Also, do list the relevant sources you used for the test (preferably grammars).
  5. Tags. List at least two tags that describe your test. Separate the tags with commas.