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To Be - Short Answers

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Short and long answers for the verb 'to be'.

Fill in the missing text or select the correct answers. Where full form is needed, use the longer version ("I am"). Where the contracted is needed, please use shorter version ("I'm") if possible.

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1. Yes, I . No, I . (full form)

2. Yes, you . No, you . (full form)

3. Yes, he . No, he . (full form)

4. Yes, she . No, she . (full form)

5. Yes, we . No, we . (full form)

6. Yes, they . No, they . (full form)

7. No, I . No, you . No, she . No, he . No, it . No, we . No, they . (contracted forms)

8. Select the CORRECT sentences.

Its not 2 o'clock.
It is not 2 o'clock.
It isn't 2 o'clock.
It's is 2 o'clock.
Its not its 2 o'clock.
It's 2 o'clock.
It is 2 o'clock.

9. Select the CORRECT sentences.

Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.
No, I am not.
Yes, I'm.
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