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Position of Adjectives in the English Language

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Some adjectives are placed before their nouns and some after. This test will help you learn more. Difficulty: intermediate.

Provide the correct answers about the given adjectives and their positions.

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1. Demonstrative (i.e. "this", "that", "these"), distributive ("each", "every"...), quantitative ("some", "any", "little/few"...), interrogative ("which", "what"...), and possessive ("my", "your", "his"...) adjectives are placed only before nouns.


2. Adjectives of quality ("wet", "light", "red"...) can be placed in two ways: after their noun, after a verb like "be", "become", "seem", and after a verb such as "appear", "feel", "get/grow" (meaning: "become"), "keep", "look" (meaning: "appear"), "make", "smell", "sound", "taste", "turn".


3. Adjectives that come after their nouns are called attributive adjectives.


4. Adjectives used with linked verbs or copulas are called predicative adjectives.


5. The following adjectives have an interesting property when placed before or after their nouns is certain expansions: "bad/good", "big/small", "heavy/light", and "old". Now, take a look at following sentences: "He is a small farmer." and "This farmer is small.". Which statements below are true?

The sentences have the same meaning.
The second sentence is not correct grammatically.
The second sentence means that the farmer does not have a large physical appearance.
The first sentence denotes that the farmer does not have a big farm.
We don't use adjectives like "small" or "big" in this context.

6. Which sentence means "He has a very good friend."?

"He is an old friend."
"His friend is old."

7. "An early bus" means...?

A bus that travels early in the morning.
A bus that came before the schedule.
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