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About Jotpub

Test, Create, and Share Language Tests

Jotpub is a small, fast and simple website oriented towards language learners and language lovers. It offers grammar tests grouped into several categories. You can solve the tests without registration, but when you decide to register (for free!) you can track your progress and create your own tests.

Jotpub offers the following traditional forms of tests.



Jotpub constantly changes (because it has only one author, being programmer, editor, designer and system administrator), so please be aware that things might not always work as intended (if that is/was the case, I apologize and ask you to send me a feedback so I could fix the issue).

I consider Jotpub to be a "spin-off" of my Languagebits website (Languagebits contains mostly linguistic texts and observations, and some related programming code).

Contact and Social

You can use the feedback page to send a message to me, or write directly to webmaster [a] jotpub.com or mlinar [a] languagebits.com. My LinkedIn page is here: Romeo Mlinar


Jotpub runs on CherryPy Python framework, with Jinja2 as the template engine. The HTTP server in use is Nginx, installed on an Ubuntu machine. The color scheme was developed by using Colorschemedesigner. PFD support is added thanks to wkhtmltopdf. The newest version of the website is powered by mongoDB database. The graphic elements, although used sparsely, are edited in Gimp and Inkscape. GNU Emacs is the main editing tool for most of this website.

Development Status

The current site status is: ever-changing-beta :).

We are working hard to make site as functional as possible. Please drop a note if you have any problems using the website.