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English Grammar Practice Online

The purpose of Jotpub is to be a simple, creative, open, non-obstructive and trusted solution for language practice by online tests. It is simplistic in design and idea — there are too many complex learning platforms and Jotpub is not trying to be one. It is open, so all interested visitors can solve tests and check their answers, and thus non-obstructive. It encourages creativity by giving an opportunity to all registered users to make and share tests. “Trusted” means that the author (and the editor) pays close attention to the sources of the selected tests and texts, and that only checked, reliable, content is visible to learners. Jotpub an attempt to reach, educate, and help language learners (an their teachers). And, yes, it’s free.

Your Grammar Tests

The registered users have a log of the English grammar tests they attempted to solve or have successfully solved. Register here.

How to Practice on Jotpub?

There are two types of tests in Grammar category. The first type is “solve only”, which means you are supposed to provide the answers about what you have learned earlier. The second group of the grammar tests is “solve and theory”, which is an attempt to learn grammar rules through solving. There is no strict border between the two groups.

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